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Design your own clothing line at UniKidz

And what could be more fun that seeing your own ideas come to life and to wear an item of clothing that you made yourself? In this class, children learn skills such as working with a sewing machine, embroidery techniques, and how to draw patterns. But sustainability is also a theme that has been integrated into this class. Quite often you can use old clothing, such as an old denim jacket, and turn it into a new and trendy item or turn old jeans or a T-shirt into a bag. This way, we teach children that you don't just have to throw old things away.

Our own studio has sewing machines, piles of fabrics, old clothing, scissors, needles, and all other required materials. The children design their own clothing line under the expert care of our staff, and the final result is presented to the whole group. This is a perfect outlet for children's natural creativity!