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UniKidz Schuit

UniKidz Schuit is located in primary school Atlantis (we also offer childcare for children from schools in the area) in the Schuitenhuisstraat, in a very characteristic Amsterdam courtyard. Primary school Atlantis works according to Jenaplan education, to which the vision and the activities program of UniKidz are well aligned. The UniKidz development areas consist of FitKidz, MindKidz, SoulKidz and SkillsKidz and provide extra activities on the program, which further stimulate the development of children. UniKidz offers half days of pre- and early childhood education (VVE) at location UniKidz Schuit. At our location UniKidz Aker we offer after school care (BSO) for Atlantis. We work closely together. With the VVE groups for 2 to 4 year olds, UniKidz builds a solid bridge to education in collaboration with the primary school. The after school care also offers childcare in the unique UniKidz concept with a diverse activity program. So does your child enjoy sports, dancing, theater, cooking or programming?

UniKidz works closely together with primary school Atlantis.

UniKidz Schuit

Meet our enthusiastic team at UniKidz Schuit!

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