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 Day programme for after-school care

Days spent at UniKidz are so much fun that they seem to fly by! A school day at after-school care looks more or less as follows.

Our team collects the children at their school at the end of the school day. Together they first go to the location to put away their things. Then there's time to play, talk to the teachers, or read a book until all the children have arrived.

Around 3:30 PM, we gather around the table. The children go their own fixed group and eat a sandwich or a cracker together. This is a fun and informal moment where they can catch up with each other.

The extensive activity programme begins at around 4:00 PM. UniKidz offers a new activity programme every ten weeks. The varied activity programme ensures that children come into contact with our labels FitKidz (sport and exercise), SoulKidz (with heart and soul), SkillsKidz (making and creating), and MindKidz (development and education). You can find out more about our activities here

Most activities take place on location, but certain activities such as swimming lessons, tennis, horse-riding lessons, or sailing take place at a different location.

Once the activities have been completed, the children are given fruit or a healthy snack. After this, there is still some time left to play until the parents come to collect them. We already look forward to the next time!