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Activities for little ones

Our activities stimulate development in many areas, such as motor development, developing fine mobility skills, social-emotional development, communication, language development, and self-reliance.

But we also make sure that that there is plenty of time for relaxation and rest. Most activities are supervised by our own team of experts, but we also work together with external professionals, who enjoy these activities almost just as much as the little ones themselves!

UniKidz offers activities in 4 development areas

  • FitKidz (sport & exercise)
  • SkillsKidz (making & creating)
  • SoulKidz (heart & soul)
  • MindKidz (development & education)

Examples of activities for children between the ages of 0 and 2 include,

Baby Bach, mini-tennis, obstacle course, mini-gym, mini-dance, My Little van Gogh, mini-theatre, Baby Sensory, and mind challenges