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Rates UniKidz Westwijk

At UniKidz, you get a total package with care during working days and vacations. There are no additional costs for our activities that you would normally pay for in addition to the childcare costs. It also makes certain activities accessible to children who normally would not have access to them. 

The rates at UniKidz Westwijk for 2024 are as follows:

Type of careHourly rate
After-school care (52 weeks)€ 10,86
After-school care (46 weeks)€ 11,51
Toddler care (40 weeks)€ 11,25

Calculate your childcare costs

The cost of childcare depends on your personal situation. 


If you live in Amstelveen, you may be eligible for a subsidy if you meet the following criteria:

  • sole income
  • your child is at least 2,5 years old

If you are entitled to this subsidy, we will charge the parental contribution stated in the VNG Adviestabel including a contribution of € 1 per hour. 

Childcare subsidy

If you have a dual income, you are entitled to childcare allowance. The amount of this benefit depends on your income. With our calculation tool, you can get insight into your net contribution.