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Scoolz Junior activity programme

We offer an activities block for ten weeks which covers the four developmental areas FitKidz (sport and exercise), MindKidz (development and education), SoulKidz (with heart and soul), and SkillsKidz (making and creating). All activities at Scoolz Junior are all-inclusive, which means that you don't have to pay anything extra.  

Scoolz Junior offers a variety of fun activities, ranging from judo, boxing, and basketball to horse riding, mountain biking, dancing, ballet, making music, theatre, cooking classes, and participating in Lego League. We also provide homework help, develop study skills, arithmetic, and comprehensive reading, and have our own STEAM Makerspace, where children can hone their science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics skills.


In between all that hard work, they can chill out in the Scoolz lounge.  

Our activities are supervised by internal and external professionals. Our team consists of experts such as sports and dance instructors, certified Lego Educators, theatre teachers, all-round creative minds, chefs, and outdoor professionals. We also work together with reliable partners to ensure that our programme remains as varied as possible.

Click here for comprehensive information about all the activities that we offer our children at UniKidz.