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Work placement at UniKidz

We offer both upper secondary vocational students and students from higher professional education institutes the opportunity to do a work placement with us, to be part of our unique UniKidz team, and to learn all the ins and outs of our profession.

This can be during your teacher training, but also if you are studying Marketing & Communication, HRM, finance, or are following raining in the secretarial field. We offer plenty of opportunities!

We demand a great deal, but we make sure that you get plenty in return:

  • Personal supervision from your work placement supervisor
  • All the freedom you need to determine your learning goals together with your work placement supervisor, and, of course, to then achieve them
  • Plenty of opportunities to develop yourself
  • A great team of motivated colleagues who get the best out of themselves every day
  • Fully participating in our team – with us, you're part of the team from day one!
  • A trainee allowance based on the number of days you come to us for your work placement
  • The possibility to join us after your studies as a flexible worker or as a permanent staff member!

Now you might be wondering what we expect from you. Well, we ask the following:

  • Independence! Of course, we will provide you with the best possible support, but we'd prefer not to have to keep an eye on you at all times.
  • Being proactive. We love trainees who come up with creative ideas and solutions and we happily make use of these.
  • The right mentality. Every staff member at UniKidz works hard to achieve our common goal: to give children and young people freedom to grow and flourish and to get the best out of themselves. We would also like to see that attitude in you.
  • A flawless past... Every day, we work with parents’ most precious possessions. When you come to work with us, it is therefore necessary that you can provide a certificate of good conduct (VOG).

Are you interested?