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ACT theatre school at UniKidz

UniKidz has their own theatre school called ACT.  ACT is taught by teachers who are trained as theatre, singing, and dance instructors with experience in this field of work. Theatre lessons consist of the disciplines acting and drama, singing, and dance.

Through these disciplines, children learn to develop social skills in a playful manner. Without realizing it, they become more articulate, more self-confident, and often discover their talents in one or more disciplines. This means that this is about more than the lessons themselves.

Through the fixed variety of lessons, children can truly develop themselves. Things aren't coincidentally introduced: development is structurally built up, as you not only learn something technical about theatre or acting during a theatre lesson but also grow as a person. You undergo development that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

The facilities at the locations offer sufficient scope to offer the theatre lessons internally. The theatre halls, dance halls, and sports halls have the necessary facilities to provide the lessons in an engaging, creative, and safe way.