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Children don't have to go to childcare, but parents do have to go to work. UniKidz understands this like no other. We create a place where children can be themselves, just like at home. For a few hours, we take over the responsibility of the parents. We make sure that they eat healthy food and drink healthy beverages and take them to horse-riding lessons, ballet class, theatre practice, or swimming lessons. We listen to them and give them our full attention – every day, with love and dedication.


UniKidz encourages children to develop their talents by participating in activities in four developmental areas: FitKidz (sport and exercise), SoulKidz (heart and soul), SkillsKidz (making and creating), and MindKidz (development and education). The activities are included in the price and don't cost you anything extra.

Our team consists of highly qualified staff who each have their own specializations, such as sports and dance instructors, certified Lego Educators, theatre teachers, all-round creative minds, chefs, STEAM specialists, educational coaches, and outdoor professionals. Each of these experts can't wait to pass on their passion and talent to our kidz! 

Our locations are equipped with a sports hall, cooking studio, dance and theatre room, library/media room, Makerspace, studio, cinema, and a Scoolz Junior lounge. These facilities allow us to offer many activities on location. For some activities such as mountain-biking, swimming lessons, and horse-riding, we go to a different location.


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