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Quality and safety

Parents want to be 100% sure that their child is taken care of with love and care in a safe and secure environment. Our educational staff take care of the daily upbringing of the child while he or she is at the day nursery. In this safe environment, they can explore the world around them and learn to interact with other children. Creating a safe and secure environment is an interplay between the educational staff, the children, and the space in which they find themselves. An important factor in this is to ensure a group of permanent educational staff who can provide continuity. This allows children to form a bond with certain people, with whom they become familiar and with whom they feel safe. A safe, child-friendly space that sufficiently challenges the children also contributes to their free development.

The educational policy plan has been established for the day nurseries of UniKidz. An educational working plan has additionally been created per location. The educational policy reflects the vision of UniKidz on the development of the child and on the upbringing of children. It provides guidelines and working methods that guarantee a safe and secure situation for children. The policy is evaluated at least once a year, so that it continues to fit in with the way we interact with children at the day nursery. By evaluating the policy with the team leaders, educational staff, and parents, and adjusting it if necessary, the quality of our childcare is guaranteed.

We are committed to the professionalism of our staff and the quality of our services. We have enthusiastic and qualified teams who are close to the children and parents and who are constantly given the opportunity for further development. Your children are always in trusted and loving care at UniKidz.

Parents can access our educational policy via the parents portal.