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Cooking at UniKidz

Children are naturally curious and can't wait to start doing things themselves. And there's nothing more fun than being a real-life chef and following a recipe all by yourself, to find all the right ingredients, to cut with a real knife, and to taste the final result together. Engage all your senses, learn to work together with others, release your creativity, and work with your hands.

The themes within this activity vary from vegetarian cooking to cooking international cuisines and from Junior MasterChef to making art with food. We work with healthy and seasonal products. We teach children to be creative with leftovers – that a weirdly shaped courgette tastes just fine – and how to separate weight in the kitchen. And, of course, we also pay attention to the importance of hygiene and teach them how to keep their workstation clean and neat. Children work in teams, which means that working together is very important.

These workshops and tastings take place in our professional children's cooking studio under the guidance of experienced and qualified staff.